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Food sensitivity can result from your body reacting badly to certain foods. Often the foods we regularly include in our diet or the foods we crave may be the ones causing us a problem. Poor gut health appears to be a factor in the development of food sensitivities.

Research has shown that food sensitivity can be linked to IgG antibodies produced when these “problem” foods are eaten.

Normally these antibodies do not have any ill-effects, but if the immune or digestive system is not working optimally, their presence may provoke a wide range of symptoms.

Our range of food sensitivity and functional health tests can help identify the root cause of gut health issues.


Food sensitivity test used by over 160 laboratories worldwide. Analyses IgG antibodies to over 200 different foods


Food sensitivity test that analyses 59 common foods for IgG antibodies for use within the clinic setting


A powerful and comprehensive health app that provides practitioners and patients with a simple and convenient way to manage gut health and access FoodPrint test results


Our UK Lab offers food sensitivity and other functional tests to healthcare practitioners in the functional/integrative medicine sector

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