About Us

As pioneers and global leaders in food sensitivity testing, we have used our expertise and knowledge in nutrition & functional medicine to support our healthcare practitioner base using advanced laboratory diagnostics for over 30 years.

Experts in nutrition and wellness, with over 30 years' scientific heritage

Pioneers and global leaders in food sesitivity testing

Wide global footprint of business partners, with a presence in over 85 countries

We enable healthcare professionals to make informed decisions to transform patients' long-term health

Educators in the health and wellness markets - education is key to building global awareness of food sensitivity testing

Our Brands

Used by over 160 laboratories worldwide

Innovative, colorimetric microarray-based ELISA technology

Analyses IgG antibodies to over 200 different foods with vegan and vegetarian panels available

Near-patient test in clinic setting

59 common foods analysed for IgG food antibodies

Rapid results in just 40 minutes

A powerful and comprehensive health app that provides practitioners and patients with a simple and convenient way to manage gut health and access FoodPrint test results

Our UK Lab offers FoodPrint testing and other functional tests to healthcare practitioners in the functional/integrative medicine sector

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